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Not since David Lipman's 1967 book Ken Boyer has there been a biography published on the life and career of the former St. Louis Cardinals third baseman.

Aside from Lipman's work, the only other biography of Boyer is Guardian of the Hot Corner, a book written primarily for younger readers. Both were published over 40 years ago.

I'm considering writing a modern biography, starting from this website. I would like to extend his story beyond his MVP and world championship 1964 season and explore the final years of his playing career with the Mets, White Sox, and Dodgers; his coaching and managerial careers in the minor leagues; becoming manager of the Cardinals; and his tragic death from lung cancer at the age of 51.

This book would be dedicated to my father, a lifelong fan of the Cardinals and Kenny Boyer. It might be the first book I've written he would actually read!

I'd like to hear from Cardinals fans and baseball fans in general and gauge their interest in the project. Would you be willing to buy a copy? Do you feel such a book is needed? Please drop me and let and let me know what you think.

If you have any magazine articles (Baseball Digest, Sport, Sports Illustrated, etc.) about Boyer's career and would like to send me copies, please contact me.

I'd also like to hear your memories of Ken Boyer.

Thank you!


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